A Little Shop of Horror

It’s difficult today to find a good horror shop that offers not only great products but great service. In Fort Collins, you will find a store that offers both! A neat little store tucked away but offering a multitude of horror gems.


You will find a horror collection befitting even the most extreme of fanatics. You will also find Jeff, the store’s founder and owner. Retired from 34 years in the service industry, Jeff has created a store that satiates the cinematic blood-lust for all horror fans. Jeff offers an impressive collection of horror films including a large out-of-print selection for those of you that can’t find some of your favorites. He has movies available for both purchase and rental, and plans that fit a casual to obsessive viewer. In addition to his impressive and rare collection, Jeff, being an artist himself, proudly sponsors and sells art of local artists who wish to sell their art. Looking around the shop, the art all around the walls, and on tables, is in abundance and very impressive stuff. It’s always hard for artists to get their work out there, and Jeff makes that possible. He charges only a small percentage of the sale when the art is purchased. Jeff’s commendable care of the horror community doesn’t stop there. A film makers networking group meets up at the shop to talk about their projects and collaborates with individuals across Colorado and Wyoming. From both beginner to advanced, there is a place for any film maker looking to immerse themselves in the community.

This shop truly is multi-faceted, offering not only the the movies, art, and film makers group, but if you want to actually sit down and watch a horror film, The Gorehound’s Playground has got you covered. Keeping the cost of tickets in consideration to the customer, Jeff does not show mainstream movies in his shop to avoid the expensive cost of ticket to the customer. Limited in what he can show, Jeff makes it work by showing riveting indie and cult horror that fulfills the whole ambiance that the shop conveys, and supplies the viewer with a great theater experience. Complete with a bucket of popcorn, my wife and I stuck around after our interview with Jeff to watch the French film Horsehead, which was equally alluring as it was mind boggling. There is no shortage of resources and fun at the Playground, and anyone who loves horror should stop by for the chance to see and buy some great stuff.

So if you are just looking for some mainstream merch like Funko or figures, or if you want some completely original and fantastically executed art pieces, they have that too. Maybe you just had a long week and want to unwind with some popcorn and a movie that shows disembodied arms and legs, rather than charging you them. Whatever the case may be, stop by and enjoy all the store, and Jeff, have to offer!

You can find the store at 1125 W Drake Rd Unit B-6, Fort Collins, CO 80525, or visit the website at ww.thegorehoundsplayground.com. You can catch a movie on Fridays and Saturdays at 7 and 10PM, or if you work weekends, you can watch the re-showings on Monday and Tuesday at 9PM. Special thanks to Jeff for the hospitality and exemplary customer service!

Support local horror!

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