Chills, and Thrills: A Vintage Hometown Horror

Summer is in full swing, and what better way to cool off from the heat than with this icy monster movie that takes place right here in Colorado! Filmed in Gunnison and Crested Butte, Snowbeast is a classic 70s horror film sure to be both entertaining and hilariously horrific. The description for the film is as follows: “A skier (Bo Svenson) and his wife (Yvette Mimieux) visit a friend’s ski resort during a man-beast’s rampage.” And quite the rampage it is too. This monster flick has classic 70s cinematography techniques. With high pitched violins accompanying a bright red fade out every time the snowbeast kills, this film is sure to be a great old school horror to add to your list. The film features a true gem in its cast as well, the great Sylvia Sydney, who you may recognize from films like Mars Attacks, and Beetlejuice. So take some time away from the classic teen summer slashers, and take a sojourn to wintertime in Colorado and behold, the Snowbeast!

The Creepy Corner: our reaction to  Snowbeast

We thought that this film was a great little slice of Colorado horror. It was entertaining to watch the many ski montages, as well as the classic red fade-outs on the death of someone. It was, as we could have expected, void of any actual violence.  Being a 70s film there is a gamble sometimes on whether or not your selected horror film will be replete with enough screams and gore to satiate your fictitious blood lust. All the same, this horror film is still very much entertaining and something the whole family could watch for a fright night at home!

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