In The Creepy Corner: Stan Yan, Artist, Author

Creepy Colorado is proud to present: The Creepy Corner! Whenever we feature a new artist, filmmaker, writer, etc. you can find an article on them squirming in The Creepy Corner.

For our very first post we have a fantastic Zombicature artist who has multiple books and a plethora of other horror related art in his arsenal, we present: Stan Yan! Stan is a Denver-based writer, illustrator, caricature artist, and instructor. Stan’s favorite horror film is Kubrick’s The Shining, while his favorite zombie flick is Shaun of the Dead. He is a self taught artist who eschewed everyday life to pursue his true passion, art. Stan’s art includes, graphic novels, comics, children’s art/book, and most notably, caricatures in the form of zombies. Stan says his inspiration for drawing zombie caricature, or zombicature, is when someone gets a zombicature done they expect to look deformed and damaged so it helps relieve the pressure of making sure someone resembles their portrait. It allows him complete freedom to express himself, while giving his customers a product they will love. He also enjoys the story that his zombicatures tell. Every scratch and gash shows a sign as to what the zombified person may have been up to while mindlessly roaming and consuming human flesh.

Stan’s artistic abilities are more than in abundance. In addition to being able to zombify you, Stan also offers a children’s book: There’s a Zombie in the Basement. Stan describes the book as such: “If Dr. Seuss and Tim Burton got together to write a book, this would be it.” The book has very kid friendly illustrations and witty rhymes that any of your little monsters will enjoy.

Creepy Colorado has found Stan’s art to be both impressive and alluring. His large array of comics, caricatures, and graphic novels, is enough to supply you with all the gore and horror one could ask for. We tip our hats to such an impressive artist and urge you to check out Stan’s website at: Help support local horror by checking out Stan’s site and getting yourself a graphic novel or maybe a book for the little monster in your life. So grab a Stan Yan original, curl up by the fire, crank up the organ music, and satiate your horror blood lust, and above all, stay creepy.

Support local horror!

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