In the Creepy Corner: Dahlia Vera, Artist

This week in the Creepy Corner we explore the shocking yet gruesomely enticing art of Dahlia Vera. Her work is eye candy for any true gore whore and contains some art supplies that some might find unsavory, but we think is both horrifying and spectacular.

Dahlia Angelina Vera is a young artist raised and based in Colorado. Her favorite horror movie is the bloody brilliant Creepshow. Many of her early works consisted of calligraphy and monotone paintings. Her early works all contained a fairly dark theme and to this day is wary to sell her originals. During high school she began to play with color, incorporating spray paint in her work. Her styles consist of an evidently dark theme and sometimes humorous. Everything from crying demons to cute little monsters eating ice cream. You can usually spot defined objects in her work, usually splattered paint and fine attention to paint dripping .

 Some of Dahlia’s work has been seen as controversial in the art community. Her careless and open attitude has allowed her to make some visually stunning pieces. Her style can often be seen exhibiting ingenious yet deadly delicious materials, such as bones, and human blood. Always finding ways to push the boundary, you can always find Dahlia at abnormal art shows, and of course always has a place here in the Creepy Corner.

Creepy Colorado finds Dahlia’s work to be of a quality any horror fan would be proud to hang above the fire place. In fact, we very well might get one of her pieces to hang in our parlor for all our friends and family to marvel at the malicious morsel. We highly recommend looking into her stuff and supporting this local artist. Check out Dahlia’s art on Instagram at Undeadr3dhead, follow her on Facebook at Undead Dahlia, and support her work by checking out her stuff for sale in her Etsy shop: Undead Dahlia. Let us and Dahlia know what you think and next time you see her at a con or horror show, stop by and enjoy the show! Until next time, stay creepy.

Support local horror!

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