Remembering a Horror Icon

Initially carving out what would be a humble career in the acting world, Sid Haig, would become one of the most recognizable faces in the horror community today. Unfortunately Haig passed away Saturday do to unknown complications from an unspecified accident. Haig appeared in around 70 films in his long 50 year acting career. He is known for many roles from Star Trek, to Tarantino films. But what we remember him for the most, is his unforgettable role as Captain Spaulding.

Mr. Haig’s role as Captain Spaulding will go down in the psychotic clown hall of fame as, in our opinion, one of the most real-to-life and exceptional performances that would make Pennywise himself struggle to compare. Haig didn’t need CGI or an array of scare tactics. His hulking figure and his spot on acting method was enough to give you unpleasant dreams and perhaps drive a bit faster anytime you find yourself on an old county road.

His wife posted on Instagram announcing his death and expressing her love for Haig and that he shall never be forgotten. Rob zombie also commented on the loss of Haig in his Instagram, saying: “Horray for Captain Spaulding. Gone but not forgotten.”

We will miss you Captain Spaulding, thanks for all the screams!

Stay Creepy!

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