In The Creepy Corner: Mike Stephens, Illustrator

This week in The Creepy Corner, we showcase the work of Mike Stephens, an artist who’s love of horror has produced some outstanding pieces over his 24 years of graphic design experience. Since 2018, Mike has been working for major trading card companies like Topps trading cards and MonsterWax, making cards for pop culture universes such as Star Wars, Stranger Things, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Garbage Pail Kids, and Monsters from Hell. His attention to detail and innovative designs caught our attention and he had to have a firm place in The Creepy Corner.

Mike Stephens grew up in Southern Massachusetts, his favorite horror film Nightmare on Elm Street 3. He has a love for just about anything related to art and design, especially in the horror genre. It all started with opening his first pack of Garbage Pail Kids cards in 1985, discovering the colorful and macabre art. Growing up on 80’s slasher films, rock music, collecting cards, and reading dark comics became a passion, and pushed him further into the love of art mixed with anything dark and fun.

Mike’s passion definitely shows in his work. If you grab a pack of Garbage Pail Kids trading cards and find a Stephens original in it, you will agree that his work is unique but also maintains the theme that we all love and associate with those monstrous little children. Trading cards aside, Mike’s drawings of characters like Pennywise from IT, or his portraits of Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kreugar, show his devotion and care for his work. The greatest thing about his work is that you can go out and buy it! His trading card illustrations can be found in collector shops and retailers around the world.

If you like classic horror items, like Garbage Pail Kids, or you are in the market for something in the Star Wars universe, Mike has got you covered. His art speaks for itself, and if you agree, support what he does and check his stuff out on Instagram: mstephensart or on Facebook: Mike Stephens Illustration, and remember, stay creepy!

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