Top 10 Books For Halloween

If you are like me, fall is the time that the rest of the population finally gets their shit together and is ready for Halloween. Why they sequester the best part of the year to one day is beyond me. Their lives must be so boring. Anyways, Halloween is the best part about fall and this is a great time to get some good coffee or tea and sit down with a good book. Now as is custom for most horror fans, we prefer a good horror flick versus a book, but below is a list of books to add a little spook to your life when you are out and away from the movie dungeon. Hope you guys enjoy!

10. The Werewolf of Fever Swamp, By: R.L. Stine

Ok so the first book is obviously a children’s book and not the buckets of blood some might hope for, but it’s a classic! I read these growing up and I still like to get down with some Stine every now and again. It’s a quick read and is sure to set an ominous mood for the Halloween season.

9. The Raven, By: Edgar Allen Poe

Another quick read and another classic. Though there are many other pieces by Poe, this one is great especially if you are looking something more dark rather than bloody.

8. Halowe’en Party, By: Agatha Christie

If you love mysteries then look no further than this work by Agatha Christie. With deduction skills comparable to Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot has a witty air about him and a whole lot of mustache that even Watson could scarcely handle. This Poirot tale is a great Halloween themed case and is magnifique!

7. The Inferno, By: Dante Alighieri

Is the warm, cozy blanket and fire not enough this fall? How about travelling with Dante Alighieri through 9 circles of Hell? A Perfect restorative for your inner demon’s home sickness.

6. IT, By: Stephen King

>If you liked the movie then you need to read the book. The film is like a taster for what the book is like in a whole. It’s a classic, it’s brutal, and it’ll rock your Halloween.

5. Dracula, By: Bram Stoker

I mean, need I say more? It’s a classic, it is about a vampire, it’s essential.

4. Frankenstein, By: Mary Shelley

Again, I feel this book needs no intro. I did however place it above Dracula because the content is a little more engaging and the ending is just awesome.

3. Red Dragon, By: Thomas Harris

I know a lot of people who know what the film Silence of the Lambs is, or Hannibal. But when I mention the book or the film Red Dragon, They don’t seem to realize that both film and novel are connected to the Hannibal Lecter series. It’s gruesome and engaging, and if you haven’t seen the movie, check that shit out too.

2. Rosemary’s Baby, By: Ira Levin

The top selling horror novel of the 1960’s, this book, and film, have all the great characteristics of a good horror read. Read the book and watch the movie, you won’t regret it.

1. Broken Monsters, By: Lauren Beukes

An insanely addictive novel by a modern horror writing master, Lauren Beukes. This book is intriguing with some crazy murder methods throughout. It will have you sitting in complete awe after you reach the ending.

I hope you liked our picks for top 10 horror books for this halloween season. Tell us what you think!

Stay Creepy!

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