Top 5 Horrific Gifts For Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day we put together our top 5 bloody great gift ideas for your significant other. Hopefully, you’ll find something frighteningly delightful for your chosen Valentine! Enjoy!

1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre VHS Throw by Creepy Co., $34.99

Around Valentine’s Day, There’s nothing more romantic than cuddling up to your lover and watching a movie complete with blood, guts, and palpitating hearts. This blanket will not only provide comfort, but also a nostalgic image of our favorite chainsaw wielding madman. Get yours here!

2. Death Wish Coffin Chocolate by Death Wish Coffee and Ethereal Chocolate, $13.99

What would a Valentine’s Day gift guide be without chocolate? Eschew the traditional heart shaped, gag-me-with-a-spoon, chocolate box, and get your guy or gal this awesome alternative. The box contains a variety of skeletal chocolate creations, and each piece has Death Wish coffee in it. Perfect for both chocolate and coffee lovers in your life. Get yours here!

3. Creepshow Comic Book Plush Cushion By Creepy Co., $26.99

Is your relaxation station lacking devilish decorum? This cushion will look great on your couch or in the bedroom. Get the plush here for the creep in your life!

4. Buffalo Bill’s Lotion Scented Candle by Horror Decor, $16.00

It puts the lotion on the skin… Unfortunately this candle is only scented like lotion and so you will unfortunately have to take the hose on this one. All the same, light one of these to set the mood this Valentine’s Day and put on the Buffalo Bill dance for your lover. Sure to impress. Get yours here!

5. Black Roses by Venus et Fleur, $79.00

Yet another example of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone in your life. Available in Multiple colors, or our choice of black, these roses are sure to tug at you Valentine’s dark heart. Get yours here!

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions for some of the creepiest Valentine’s Day gifts, and we hope you make this Valentine’s Day one to remember

Stay Creepy!

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