Frozen Dead Guy Days is Coming!

If you have never been to Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland, Colorado, well there’s no time like the present because it’s back! Frozen Dead Guy Days is set to take off March 13-15.

What is Frozen Dead Guy Days?

When explaining Frozen Dead Guy Days, it would probably be easier to say what it isn’t rather than what it is. If you do find yourself around Nederland during Frozen Dead Guy Days, you will find a giant party centrally themed around, you guessed it, a frozen dead guy. You can partake in and view a variety of events to include a polar plunge, frozen turkey bowling, pancake breakfasts, snowy human foosball, and of course the famous coffin races

Why is This a Thing

You may not know why this 3 day festival of awesomeness even began. So just in case, here’s a little history.

It all starts with a man named Grandpa Bredo, a Norwegian Parks and Rec director, who died in 1989 from a heart condition and, rather than a burial, was packed in dry ice and shipped to a cry o facility in California. After almost 4 years, he was sent to Nederland to be put under the care of his daughter, Aud Morstoel.

Aud was evicted for lack of electricity and plumbing in her house, and therefore risked the preservation of her father. She spoke to a local reporter who then spoke to the Nederland city council and Grandpa Bredo was grandfathered into the new law prohibiting the keeping of bodies. Since that day, Frozen Dead Guy Days, has been a hit for both locals and tourists alike.

Frozen Dead Guy Days 2020

So now you know a little history about FDGD, head over to Nederland and witness the greatness that is all thanks to Grandpa Bredo and his family.

Viewing the Dead Guy Days is free, although it is a $25 wristband to get into the music tents. VIP access is also available.

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