Road to StarFest 2020: ComicFest

Another week closer to StarFest means another post about one of the festivals at the con. This week we are discussing ComicFest, the longest running rocky mountain region comics convention.

What is ComicFest?

According to the StarFest website: ComicFest is Denver’s annual celebration of local, national and international comics, cartooning and art industry. ComicFest prides itself on gathering like minded comic fans together to create a fest that doesn’t only engage the audience, but educates them. They offer hands on panels, and enjoy promoting comic book artists right here in Denver.


Villans Art Draw w/ Audience Suggestions, 2019

While the schedule is still TBD, ComicFest has released some promising plans for 2020. The only panel that has been announced is the Villans Art Draw w/ Audience Suggestions, which returns from ComicFest 2019 due to audience popularity.

Art Contest

Heavy Metal Magazine

ComicFest has announced this year’s 2020 art contest, the theme being Heavy Metal Magazine. Any hopeful artists can submit their pieces to ComicFest and will have the chance to win their very own booth and badges for the festival. Details on how you can enter can be found here.

Special Guests

ComicFest has released their guest list for 2020. Check it out below! Further details about the guests can be found here.

Lorenzo Sperlogna has various pieces exhibited in art galleries in London Paris, Amsterdam, Sidney, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago and Los Angeles.
Jeff Pitarelli has worked on many projects in the comic industry, his work first appearing on the cover of Marvel Comics’ “Star Trek: First Contact” adaptation in 1996
Zach Howard has worked for various companies as an illustrator such as, Disney, DC, Warner Bros., Image, IDW, Boom, Simon & Schuster, and Steve Jackson Games.

We hope to see you at StarFest 2020!

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