Road to StarFest 2020: CosPlay

Who’s ready for some cosplay!? Arguably the biggest thing you can see at StarFest is the various cosplayers showing off their costuming skills. Cosplay is by far the heart and soul of any con, and we can expect the same at StarFest 2020.

CosPlay at StarFest 2020

This year at StarFest, we can expect to see a variety of interesting costumes due to the wide range of different genres and universes that attendees are there to enjoy. If you haven’t already, start researching and creating your costume for this year and show us what you’ve got!

Costume Contest

If you think your costume is worthy of awards, then consider entering the costume contest. The costume contest is held on Saturday night and there are various prizes that can be had in multiple categories. If you want to enter check out the rules and apply before StarFest on their website. No walk on entrants!

CosPlay Panels

Panels for 2020 are TBD but they promise panels available to all cosplayers both experienced and novice!

Cosplay Rest and Repair Room

One very unique service that StarFest offers is the cosplay rest and repair room. If you are weighed down by heavy props, swarmed by bystanders taking pictures, or just wanting to take a load off a shed your persona, the rest and repair room is for you.

In the room you can find a station where you can repair any damages your costume may have sustained from the maddening crowds. There will be experienced costume attendants to help you with your various wardrobe ailments.

StarFest assures you that the rest and repair room is a photo free area, so feel free to take bulky headwear off and slip out of character. They do ask, however, that you be respectful to the other cosplayers around you and ensure everyone gets ample opportunity to use the room. In addition no child is to be left unattended in the room.

We hope to see you at StarFest 2020 and are excited to see what costumes you have created!

Stay Creepy!

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