The Black Monarch Hotel: A Dark Dream

Growing up I always fantasized about my dream house. Black and towering, making the wary trick-or-treater apprehensive to approach the door as a bolt of lighting flashes across the background. the interior bedecked with large paintings of long since deceased relatives and red velvet arm chairs surrounding a massive fireplace. Every young child’s idea of a perfect home, no doubt.

Well, while I may never get to own my very own Addams Family manor, I can escape the city and enjoy all the comforts and dark delights offered at The Black Monarch Boutique Hotel. The only way to describe this haunted hotel to someone without rambling off like I’m about to, is that it is a paradise for anyone who loves horror, ghosts, fanciful decorum, or anything within the realm of oddities and curiosities.

The Black Monarch Hotel in Victor, Colorado

The Black Monarch was an old saloon and brothel in Victor, Colorado that burnt down in 1899. After its reconstruction, it didn’t seem the hotel would make much more of a lasting impression in today’s modern era, until now. With the construction expertise and elbow grease of Adam, the owner and operator of The Black Monarch, he has restored and enhanced the hotel’s victorian aesthetics, while adding some of his own touches that play into the ghostly stories that come with owning The Black Monarch.

The decor that could be seen throughout the hotel gave me the sense of being in that dream house I so long for. Long running carpets on black floors, taxidermy mounts hanging over beds, and various pieces of artwork within themed rooms that tie it all together with a bloody black bow. Every time I turned my head there was something new to be found. It has been decorated in such a way that every nook and cranny has something to offer without being over bearing.

While many hotels have a lot of eye candy for guests to cover up the uncomfortable beds or that unidentifiable smell in the lobby, this is quite simply NOT the case for The Black Monarch. In addition to the beautiful decor, Adam is a completely kind and agreeable individual willing to answer any questions about the town or hotel, and was always willing to provide his services. And as far as comfort, I felt like the proverbial Goldilocks; everywhere I sat was comfortable and just right. There is also a fully functional kitchen outside your room which makes it feel more like a B&B instead of a dinky hotel room with all its miniature and useless amenities, though the mini fridge in the room was most welcomed.

The Nikola Tesla room

As I stated before, each room is themed and has corresponding decoration. You can relax in rooms like the H.H. Holmes, Elizabeth Bathory, Black Annis, or the Nikola Tesla, which was the room we stayed in. while we weren’t able to see all the rooms (due to other guests being present) we got to see the Elizabeth Bathory in addition to our own. we can confidently assure you that no matter the room, they are sure to please.

So one question I’m sure you have, which I had, is the hotel haunted? While I don’t want to give anything away, we were told some very alarming tales about things that had transpired within the hotel. I’m a firm believer that you should see things for yourself, and in the case of The Black Monarch, it’s worth the drive to Victor. Even if you don’t hear or see any ghosts, you are still going to get an awesome experience at a truly amazing hotel.

If you want further details about the hotel and Victor, check out our accompanying video below! We hope you will visit Adam and The Black Monarch. It is well worth it!

Stay Creepy!

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