Disney’s Halfway to Halloween Was a Hit!

Now more than ever it’s important to continue social distancing so that one day we can continue doing what we’re best at. Sitting in a dark basement and watching horror movies.

Disney have made horror and Halloween fans proud with their #Halfway2Halloween celebration by providing virtual fireworks, spooky recipes and crafts, and unveiling new merch.

At 7pm E.T., Disney had a virtual fireworks show with special guest, Jack Skellington. If you’ve never been to a Disney fireworks show in person, this video gives a dazzling display at a healthy distance. You can catch the prerecorded video on the Disney Blog.

If you feel on the verge of cabin fever like our beloved Jack Torrance from The Shining, Disney has posted various creepy crafts to stay your hand from chasing your family with an axe, wild hair and all. Make things like a madame Leota crystal ball, Nightmare Before Christmas candy pouches, or a Haunted Mansion butler costume.

Perhaps the most exciting thing that transpired during Halfway to Halloween was the announcement of new merch. This “Shriek Peek” included Haunted Mansion themed tees, Minnie Mouse ears, backpacks, and Funkos. Funkoverse and Hocus Pocus board games are also expected to hit the shelves.

So if you missed out on all the fun today, fear not! You can head over to the Disney blog and check out all the spooky things they have to offer!

Stay Healthy! Stay Creepy!

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