Is Halloween Cancelled?

Amid the chaos of the pandemic caused by the novel Corona virus, many of us are asking a similar question. Is Halloween canceled?

Now obviously October 31st is going to arrive no matter what state the world is in. But with the current fear the nation is in we have to wonder how many things will be affected, come All Hallows’ eve.

Already Universal Studios Hollywood, the Disneyland resort in Anaheim and Knott’s Berry Farm have all cancelled their Halloween celebrations.

This will cause a major hit to the already weakened American comedy. Hopefully, spending for the creepy season will remain unchanged in candy and costume sales. Last year America spent $8.8 Billion on Halloween, making it come in second for most holiday spending. If we can do our part to enjoy the season to our fullest potential, perhaps we can keep the horrifying spirit and economy, boosted.

How can we have the safest and best Halloween?

There are ways we can make the most of Halloween 2020, and here are a few:

1. Leave out a “Please take one” candy bowl

We all remember when we were kids trick or treating and we’d get to the one house that had a candy bowl out asking to “please only take one piece of candy.” When presented with this sign you were one of two people. You either obliged the absent owner of the confections, or you bled them for every piece of candy they had. Either way, this is a good option to keep trick or treaters safe and enjoying their night. Maybe buy some extra candy to replenish the bowl, in case you get some over zealous children.

2. Have a party!

What? Have a party? That’s right. Invite only people you have regular contact with, and only have as many people as your state allows. Check the approved amount of ghouls you can have over at a time for your specific state, as they do vary. Also encourage people to incorporate masks into their costumes so you are being safe and creative! Buy lots of decorations and treats to satiate all the demons at your door! If you want to take protection a step further, do temp checks upon entry to the party.

3. Speaking of decorations…

One way to keep in the spirit of Halloween and do your part to boost the economy and stay safe is to bedeck your house and property in decor. Go to the brick and mortar Halloween stores, or thrift stores if you’re on a budget, and Halloween-ify your home. Then turn on your favorite horror flicks, kick back and enjoy some much deserved, horrific, relaxation.

Let us know what you think about our suggestions and if you have any ideas as to how we can make Halloween a truly special day during these trying times!

Stay Creepy!

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