Cottagegore: a Horrific Aesthetic

Do you ever find yourself watching a horror movie where an unfortunate soul wanders into the dark woods, no doubt stumbling across a flora clad cottage, crumbling from apparent lack of use, and containing within the proverbial witch or demon, waiting to invite the victim in to a sure demise?

And while watching this horror flick, have you ever thought “I’d like to live in those creepy ass woods. In that cottage filled with various jars of suspicious herbs. Listening to the creeking wood all around, while I sit by a hearth fire in the deep wood.” Well, Cottagegore might be for you

A Horrific Haven

Cottagegore, also known as dark cottagecore or witchy cottagecore, is an aesthetic similar to cottagecore, in that it draws inspiration from simple living, vintage decor, and country life. The difference, however, is that cottagegore celebrates the darker side of country living. Rotten mushrooms, dark forest scenes, bones, and decay. It truly is a scenic horror paradise.

How to Live the CottageGore Life

If you’re wanting to live your best CottageGore life but aren’t sure how to get there, we have a few tips on ways you can implement some CottageGore in your day to day.


In regards to clothing, think farm/cottage style clothing, but with a dark semi goth rendition. Black dresses, dark pants with button ups, and overalls. Implement grays, dark greens, deep blues, and black as your primary color pallet.

Accessorize with bowler hats, suspenders, pocket watches, lace, dried flowers and small animal skulls.


There is no better way to enjoy a newly found style than to watch movies for inspiration. Below is a list of our picks for CottageGore esque films

  • The Witch (2015)
  • Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)
  • Gretel and Hansel (2020)
  • The Village (2004)

Visual Inspiration

  • Skulls, bones, animal taxidermy
  • Fungus, plant decay, moss
  • Overgrown gardens and thorny plants
  • Rain and fog
  • Stone cottages, thatched roofs, and dark iron fencing
  • Bundles of herbs hanging above the kitchen sink
  • Witchy aesthetic (cauldrons, candles, heathfire)

Let us know what you think of CottageGore and any other ideas to broaden the aesthetic!

Stay Creepy!

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