Is Loot Fright Worth It?

Subscription boxes are a relatively new idea, appearing in the early 2010’s, supplying consumers with niche items, neatly packed in a box, delivered monthly. One subscription box in particular, Loot Crate (est. 2012), provides consumers with a plethora of choices in subscription boxes. From Marvel, to Harry Potter, and anywhere in between. So we decided to subscribe for a year to Loot Fright, Loot Crate’s horror subscription box. Here’s what we found out.

When we first started our subscription, Loot Crate was in the process of being purchased due to the company claiming bankruptcy in 2019. This initially gave us pause due to the massive amounts of reviews damning the company and its late deliveries. Some people claimed their boxes didn’t show up for 3 months! We were determined, however, and stayed committed.

A few months did indeed pass before they managed to send us a box. The contents were pretty good, and as a lover of all horror, we enjoyed everything that came in it.

What is in a Loot Fright Box?

So what exactly comes in a Loot Fright box? When you subscribe the website asks to add a shirt size in the order as there is a new shirt in every box. The shirt is of standard quality and the print doesn’t seem to peel after a few washes so that’s good. The box consists of about 5 items (to include the shirt) and the box has a theme with a few movies that fit that theme.

Unlike some subscription boxes, Loot Fright comes with swag that is made exclusively for the box. So you can’t check out some of the featured items and decide to buy it online instead.

Recently the boxes have had a statue or sculpture created for the theme by Loot Fright’s horror artist Alex Pardee. We are extremely impressed with the statues that have arrived in the boxes like his Krampus, Easter Bunny, and Cthulhu to name a few. The quality of the plastic is good and it’s heavy enough to feel like you’re getting something substantial.

Pins are also very common in each box and are always awesome and totally worthy of your backpack, vest or wherever you may place your pins.

Above you can see an example of the most current Loot Fright we were sent. This was the summer box called “Depths of Despair” and contained goodies from Creature from the Black Lagoon (shirt), Tremors (Socks), Jaws (shot glass and pin), and The Call of Cthulhu (statue).

In all, at $35 dollars a box, it’s really not too bad of a deal when looking at all you get. Especially when you consider an average graphic tee costs around 20 bucks.

Side note: since Loot Fright has come under new ownership the shipping times for boxes are much more on track than before. So, if you canceled a subscription due to the long waits, maybe give it another try now that things have changed. Check out Loot Fright here, to see if it’s the box for you!

Stay Creepy!

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