Let’s Get Creepy With Colorado Festival of Horror

Photo Credit: Colorado Festival of Horror

Get ready Colorado, for what’s shaping up to be one of the most anticipated horror festivals we’ve seen lately in the Mile High City. The Colorado Festival of Horror will be hosting its inaugural event this September, and we couldn’t be more excited!

We have been keeping an eye on COFOH for a while now and have seen the hard work they have done over the last couple of years to get their name out there. From their Facebook group, to their promotional items, like a COFOH coloring book, and their online interview series called Live and Undead. It has all come to this horrifically historical event: a festival where all of us horror freaks can come together and partake in all things dark, bloody, murderous, and of course creepy.

What to expect from the COFOH?

Being that this is the inaugural festival for COFOH, there are many questions as to what we can expect from the upcoming con.

Recently, COFOH has announced that there will be a launch party for the upcoming festival on August 21st from 4pm to 9pm. Any of you that are going to Monster Day Greeley can stop by 1725 Vista View Drive in Longmont, CO to enjoy the party!

We are excited to visit all the vendors that will be at the COFOH in the “Death Dealers Room” as well as the great lineup of guests attending.

The Guest Lineup

The COFOH has put out a guest list for the event and we are definitely anticipating talking with some of them! We will give you a peek at some of the guests. If you want the full list check out the COFOH website.

The guest list is made up of various artists from actors to cosplayers. Of that list is Colorados’ very own Joe Oliver! Joe is the creator of the COFOHs’ mascot “Coffin Joe”. Joe works primarily with pen, ink, brush, and digital art and his work is both horror and comedy in theme. Joe will be a judge at the COFOH Gore Galore Costume Extravaganza in the Coffin Joe Category.

Photo Credit: Colorado Festival of Horror

Next in our sneak peek is Xander Smith. Xander is a Hollywood Concept artist and has worked on various projects like Red Devil and Green Meanie killers for two seasons of Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens, Godzilla vs Kong, and concept art and costumes for 4 seasons of American Horror Story. Xander created the art for COFOH’s “Elixir Immortus” beer from Outworld Brewing And you can even pick up exclusive prints and pint glasses at the launch party this August.

Photo Credit: Colorado Festival of Horror

Finally, our look into the guest lineup ends with Brinke Stevens. You may know Stevens from her work in Slumber Party Massacre. She has been featured in numerous horror flicks as well as launching her own comic book series, Brinke of Destruction, and a sci-fi novel: Something to Scream About. You can meet Stevens as well as many other guests at the COFOH.

COFOH: The Details

If our quick look into what you can expect for the Colorado Festival of Horror is enough to get your blood lust going, then there are a few details we want to give you for the event.

The COFOH will take place on September 10-12 at:

Embassy Suites by Hilton Denver Central Park 
4444 North Havana Street Denver, CO 80239 
(303) 375-0400

You can book a room on the hotel website or on the COFOH website here

You can grab your tickets for the event here. But get them before they’re gone!

We look forward to seeing all you boils and ghouls at the COFOH for what should be a bloody good time!

Stay Creepy!

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