The Greeley Monster Day is ALIVE!

Photo Credit: Monster Day Greeley

What is Monster Day Greeley?

Get ready Colorado, because Monster Day is Here! Taking place In Greeley, Monster Day is a festival full of monster costumes, music, FX displays, and most importantly anti-bully awareness.

Greeley Monster Day is a day to celebrate all things “monster”. Come dressed up as your favorite monster to enjoy all the festivities from art and food, to music and the newest displays from Distortions Unlimited, a Halloween manufacturing company that creates high quality decorations, costumes, and animatronics since 1978! You can also check out the costume contest, face makeup demonstrations and more.

There is a lot for your little monsters to do at Greeley Monster Day too! They offer face paintings, a library pop-up for monster lore and many other children’s activities!

The Colorado Model Railroad Museum, the Greeley Ice Haus, the Greeley History Museum, and the Kress Cinema and Lounge will also be hosting monster themed events!

Don’t Be a Monster

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Greeley Monster Day isn’t just a perfect opportunity to let your freak flag fly, it also serves an important role in the anti-bullying community. Proceeds from Greeley Monster Day go towards supporting “Don’t be a Monster” a nonprofit that seeks to inform children on bullying in a most unique format.

Don’t be a Monster focuses on educating children from grades 4th-10th, by raising awareness to the dangers of bullying and how standing up for their peers and friends can create a community of caring. They are the largest 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works alongside Haunted Attractions in the United States. Check out their website at

Let’s All Go to Greeley Monster Day

We are excited for Greeley Monster Day and we hope you are too. Who wouldn’t want to dress like a monster, eat some great food, and see some exhibitions by some of the most talented FX artists in the business? All the while supporting a great cause by bringing anti-bullying awareness to the nations youth.

So come and check out Greeley Monster Day and have a viciously good time! Details for Greeley Monster Day are below!

WHEN: August 21st, 12PM-6PM

WHERE: Downtown Greeley, CO

Check out Greeley Monster Day’s website here!

Check out Don’t Be A Monster’s website here!

Stay Creepy!

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