COFOH Brings the Horror Community Together

Photo Credit: Colorado Festival of Horror

If you were unable to make the inaugural Colorado Festival of Horror last weekend, let me be the first to say that you have truly missed out. Never have I been to a festival/convention that has managed to maintain good order and flow in both schedule and experience; let alone an inaugural event. Though there were some hiccups, as is to be expected with any event, I can say with full confidence that I look forward to the many years of horror festivals to come from the folks at COFOH (and so should you).

The Venue

There are many contributing factors that made this festival a smashing success. Of the those, the venue plays a large role in cohesiveness and flow of any attraction or con. COFOH took place at the Embassy Suites. Though the parking lot lacked enough space for the sheer magnitude of guests, it was more than forgiven when you entered the comfortable lobby of the event. No one could say the layout of booths and attractions were confusing. A cheery staff stood by to help direct you to the ticket table (right in the main entrance) or else point you to the bar with cleverly named horror drinks at a rather reasonable price. If COFOH returns to the Embassy Suites we highly recommend getting a room, to make your experience special and convenient.

The Death Dealers’ Room

Without a doubt, one of the greatest attractions at the festival is the Death Dealers’ Room. We were excited to see all the artists and merchants from all over Colorado and the rest of the US. Getting artists together who are passionate about horror and all things creepy, is the first step to creating a strong horror community here in Colorado, and we are so pleased with the turn out.

The room offered a variety of prints, statuettes, novels, movies, collector items, and more! We were excited to see some familiar faces and meet some new people working on some exciting projects. The only thing to worry about in the dealers’ room is spending every cent you own on merch.


COFOH sported an impressive number of guests for the event and you could find yourself spending an entire day taking part in Q&As, workshops, and meet and greets. The guest list ranged from actors and actresses, FX artists, professional cosplayers, illustrators, and filmmakers.

We had the absolute pleasure of talking with Xander Smith (Concept Artist, American Horror Story), Brinke Stevens (Actress, Slumber Party Massacre, Grandmother’s House), as well as chat with the staff at Distortions Monster World, and all the plans they have for the upcoming spooky season. COFOH has allowed for these wonderful artists to connect with the community and further indulge our insatiable love of the macabre.


What is a festival without cosplayers? Well, at COFOH there was no shortage of cosplayers, doing their part to make the event feel extra spooky by adding their personality and love of horror shine through. Slashics and Custom costumes could be seen sneaking into the dealers room, or perhaps stopping by the bar to take some pictures with other guests.

Cosplay is the life blood of most genre-based conventions, and we were elated to see so many people come dressed as their favorite monster or slasher. On Saturday evening all the cosplayers, who signed up, took to the stage to compete for first place. Seeing Jason Voorhees strut up and down a stage, threatening to disembowel the judges, made for a bloody good time.

COFOH Contributes to the Growth of the Horror Community.

If we have learned anything from the inaugural event of COFOH, It’s that COFOH is an entity that truly strives to not only strengthen the horror community, but also to create a place where we can all come to enjoy that which makes up the identity of this community in the first place. They remember that not just the movies, books, and comics make up the horror genre, but also the people watching, and reading. Us creepy folk that have Halloween decor up year round, or who watch Nightmare on Elm Street to unwind after a long day. That is who this event was made for and by. And wether you have seen every horror flick known to man or just have the one or two you enjoy, this festival is meant for you. As for us, we are ready for more!

Check out our highlights reel from the COFOH here!

Stay Creepy!

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