Day 2: The Creepy Couch

It’s day 2 of our 20 Days to Halloween movie marathon, and tonight on the Creepy Couch we are keeping with our vampire theme by watching From Dusk Till Dawn!

A movie that pulls you in with two criminals taking their hostages to a truck stop for refuge, soon find that their sojourn quickly turns deadly when they end up in a den of vampires.

Hilarious, violent, and witty, From Dusk TIll Dawn is both similar to our first recommendation, Interview With the Vampire, in that it supplies an enjoyable amount of humor and violence while staying individually unique in their own way. Most importantly, it doesn’t fail to deliver the claws, fangs, and blood sucking we so desire with a classic vampire flick.

What do you think of From Dusk Till Dawn? Let us know in the comments and we will be back tomorrow with another recommendation!

Stay Creepy!

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