Day 5: The Creepy Couch

It’s day 5 on the Creepy Couch and today we are watching What We Do in the Shadows as apart of our 20 Days to Halloween movie marathon.

A hilarious take on the modern day life of vampires, this movie, filmed mockumentary style, perfectly executes all of the aspects of a classic vampire movie while showing how ridiculous it would be in a real life scenario. The story follows 3 vampires, all originally from different times in history, now all living as flat mates in a dusty old mansion. The film sets up hilarious scenes like the vampires being unable to get into clubs because they aren’t invited in, drawing pictures of each other to show them their outfits because they have no reflection, and even projectile vomiting blood after eating human food.

What We Do in the Shadows perfectly references a multitude of vampire films and vampire lore, constantly entertaining the audience with witty puns and uncomfortable but funny scenarios that make the viewer all the better for it.

What do you think of What We Do in the Shadows? Let us know and come back tomorrow to see what vampire movie we watch next on the Creepy Couch!

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