Day 6: The Creepy Couch

With day 6 on the Creepy Couch we are watching a action/horror classic, Underworld, as apart of our 20 Days to Halloween movie marathon.

Werewolves invade our vampire themed Halloween movie marathon as Underworld takes the stage. We join the vampires in the midst of an ongoing ancient war with Lycans (werewolves) now taking place in modern day. Selene, a vampire that is one of the best hunters, uses an arsenal of badass weaponry like silver throwing stars and liquid sliver bullets. Selene quickly learns that the war isn’t as black and white as she once thought and the story takes turns that furthers the enjoyment.

In terms of vampirism, blood is still highly necessary for the vampires and sunlight kills all the same. There seems to be a lack of detail, however, in the story with any lore heavy vampirism and seems to modernize things like coffins and what constitutes death by sunlight. But it is easily forgiven with the action packed scenes and story/character development.

Check out Underworld today and let us know what you think! Check back tomorrow for another vampire movie on the Creepy Couch!

Stay Creepy!

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