Day 7: The Creepy Couch

Tonight on the Creepy Couch, we are watching Only Lovers Left Alive as apart of our 20 Days to Halloween movie marathon! This indie vampire film will make you feel for each character and in a weird way you will relate to them, vampire or not.

The story follows two vampire lovers, working out what life means, even after living for centuries. Their stories will seem highly relatable and the idea that even vampires can sit and still contemplate and complain about life is rather refreshing. This movie humanizes these vampires and offers a new type of vampire; one that very much still has the vices of a vampire, but breaks up the monotony of the classic power mongering, well dressed, lord of darkness.

This film is grungy, retro, bloody, and beautiful. It’s innovation sets it apart from other vampire films and it makes the genre all the better. watch Only Lovers Left Alive and let us know what you think! Are you in to a new and unique take on the classic vampire, or is your one true love now and always Bela Lugosi? Check it out and let us know, and as always check in tomorrow to find out what movie we watch next on the Creepy Couch!

Stay Creepy!

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