Day 8: The Creepy Couch

Day 8 means another movie on the Creepy Couch as apart of our 20 Days to Halloween movie marathon! Tonight we are watching The Lost Boys in all its 80’s splendor. The Lost Boys perfectly encapsulates classic 80’s culture with the creatures of the night.

The Lost Boys follows an angsty teen named Michael as he moves to Santa Clara, CA, named in the movie as the “murder capital of the world.” When Micheal tries to hang out with a girl at the local carnival he unknowingly ends up hanging out with a rag tag group of vampire teens.

This movie is a fun and exciting interpretation on the classic brood of vampires, opting for a group that looks more appropriate rocking out as a hair band rather than sucking the life out of the carnival security guards. Anyone that likes classic 80’s films or vampires will love this movie. A perfect vampire flick that avoids overcomplicating the story and brings you along for an epic thrill ride.

Check out The Lost Boys tonight and let us know what you think! Check back tomorrow night for our next movie on the Creepy Couch!

Stay Creepy!

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