Day 9: The Creepy Couch

Another day closer to Halloween means another day on the Creepy Couch for more vampire action apart of our 20 Days to Halloween movie marathon! Tonight we are watching a movie that divides viewers into two opinions, that the movie sucks, or that the movie rocked. Tonight, we are watching Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

If you look at this film’s Rotten Tomato score, you will see that both critic and audience reviews are rather rough to say the least. We are including this film in our choice for the Creepy Couch for the simple fact that this movie is just plain fun. Sure, it might take itself a little too seriously, and yes the special effects and certain scenes can be kind of cheesy, but come on, it’s call Abraham Lincoln: VAMPIRE HUNTER. If you go into this film with any type of film critic snobbery, you are going to be very disappointed. This was the brain child of  Seth Grahame-Smith, and we are all but too happy to take part in this crazy world he has created.

I think the important question anyone who is turning their nose up at this film should ask themselves is: why don’t I want to watch number 16, ruthlessly behead vampires? Or why wouldn’t I want to experience the wild and unrealistic acrobatics ole Abe does while wielding a silver axe and a stove top hat? This film is not meant to be taken seriously so you purist film buffs can calm your tits.

If you are of the mind that any vampire film with ample amounts of blood and fangs is enough for you then, enjoy! Check out Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, And let us know what you thought! As always, come back tomorrow for our next film on the Creepy Couch!

Stay Creepy!

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