Day 15: The Creepy Couch

We only have 5 more days of our 20 days to Halloween movie marathon left, and tonight on the Creepy Couch we are watching The Horror of Dracula (1958), with Christopher Lee.

The Horror of Dracula is a must see classic. Even though it follows the plot of the timeless novel, Christopher Lee’s performance echos through the ages as being one of the first vampires on film to bring the all too well known sex appeal of vampires.

Lee’s vampiric smolder wasn’t the only thing to become a trend in future bloodsucker movies, red eyes as well as wooden stakes were made popular by this film as well.

In a British poll made up of film industry experts, The Horror of Dracula ranked 65th as best British film ever. With a budget of only £81,000, it grossed an impressive $3.5 million (worldwide rentals).

Check out The Horror of Dracula, tonight and enjoy the acting prowess of Lee in one of his greatest, and most under appreciated, performances of his career. Let us know what you thought and stop by tomorrow to see what we watch next on the Creepy Couch!

Stay Creepy

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