Day 19: The Creepy Couch

Only 2 more nights on the Creepy Couch before Halloween comes! Tonight we are watching a movie that most people don’t think of as a vampire movie. Tonight we are watching I Am Legend.

What? I Am Legend a vampire movie? Yes dear reader, many do not know that the monsters in the movie are humans infected with “vampiris” a disease that makes you turn into a blood thirsty monster.

I Am Legend is both suspenseful and heart breaking. Will Smith’s performance is executed in such an impressive way that makes you feel the struggle he deals with day-to-day and the desolation that surrounds him.

Granted, the CGI has not aged well and there isn’t buckets of blood like some of our other recommendations, but the story is entertaining and the jump scares are well worth the watch.

Check out I Am Legend tonight and let us know if you like the hordes of vampires or if it was a bit too zombie esque for your taste. Check back tomorrow for our final vampire movie apart of our 20 Days to Halloween movie marathon!

Stay Creepy!

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