Day 20: The Creepy Couch

Well it’s the eve of Halloween! Today is our final day of the Creepy Couch and our 20 Days to Halloween movie marathon! For our final movie we are watching The vampire film that started it all. The oh so creepy, and oh so silent, Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror!

Regarded as an influential masterpiece of cinema, Nosferatu was a silent film made in 1922 by the German film company: Pranab Film. They made the Bram Stoker story uniquely German by renaming Count Dracula, Count Orlok, setting it in Germany, and using German names for characters. The heirs of Bram Stoker sued the film company and, when winning the case, all copies of the movie were ordered to be destroyed. Luckily, a few copies survived.

If you have yet to actually watch Nosferatu you are in for a treat. While you watch it, it almost seems like you can see elements of all vampire movies stemming back to it. The fanged monster, the shock and horror of the victims, the dark and dreary theme, and even the hopless romanticism.

It’s time to ste aside Blade, Underworld, Interview With A Vampire, Bela Lugosi’s Dracula, and all the rest. Enjoy the cinematic beauty and horror that which was almost destroyed for good and may have never set off the domino effect of Vampire movie, a major component to modern horror. Envelop yourself in the Gothic macabre and enter Nosferatu!

That’s it for our 20 Days to Halloween movie marathon, we hope you enjoyed the movies leading up to today, we certainly did! Let us know what you thought of the recommendations and what you look forward to seeing next! Keep reading our articles as we continue giving you the best horror news, artist promotions, movie recommendations, and much more!

Stay Creepy!

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