The Creepy Corner: Mermaid Ink Comics

Last September while at the Colorado Festival of Horror, we met a lot of great artists, actors, and horror aficionados. Among the many talented artists, one booth had a alluring array of gothic LGBTQIA+ Horror themed merch. Enter: Mermaid Ink Comics. I had the absolute pleasure of talking with Nan, one part of the dynamic duo that makes up this amazing company.

Mermaid Ink Comics started in 2010, who’s focus is largely on Horror LGBTQIA+ stories and artwork. Since then, they have released a variety of work including anthology comics, cryptid field guides, and commissioned horror art pieces. They also had a single issue of Rainbow Horror Short Stories, a dark interpretation of the colors of the Pride flag. They also created a printed volume series, Children of Kronos, a noir retelling of Kronos eating his children, all of which are LGBTQ characters.

Currently, this inspirational team continues to work on their writing and illustrations, one of which is the next volume in the Children of Kronos series. Today, Mermaid Ink Comics continues to express themselves in various artistic styles like LGBT gothic romance water color such as werewolf lovers, vampires in deep embrace, and even horror images with bright rainbow colors.

If you check out Mermaid Ink Comics their work will speak for itself. Their work is a true testament to Horror/LGBT artistic skill. Though, the most important detail about what makes Mermaid Ink Comics significant has yet to be mentioned. They give voice. Though the horror community has long been a safe haven for all us outcasts, weirdos, and black sheep, there are few outlets that feature the LGBT community within the horror community. These fine folx give a voice in a beautiful way that anyone in this community can appreciate, and we commend that.

But don’t take our word for it, go check out Mermaid Ink Comics, buy their stuff, support their business, and follow their social media pages. You will not be disappointed. We look forward to seeing what they come up with next!

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Stay Creepy!

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